About Socotra Island

Socotra Islands spread like a string of pearls along its coast; from the numerous small, flat coral-fringed island of the southern Red Sea (like Kamaran), which have developed on salt domes, to the smaller less common island along the Gulf of Aden, most of which are close to the coast and are generally extinct volcanoes thrown up out of the sea during the late Neogene. Some are more distant, fragments of displaced continental crust, like the Socotran Archipelago, which became separated from the mainland about 27 million years ago.

Socotra is the largest in a small archipelago of four islands, which includes the Brothers (Samhah and Darsa) and Abd al-Kuri together with two rocky islets that lie in the Indian Ocean on a mic-oceanic volcanic ridge 500 km south-east of Mukalla and 170 km off the coast of Somalia. It is roughly 130 km long and 35 km wide.


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