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Dramatic and fascinating landscapes of Socotra Island provide amazing sport for paragliding. The best places are including Dirhor Canyon, Momi, and also Erissel. The small mountain near Qalansia is also a possibility. Paragliding is still rather exceptional sport on Socotra Island so tourist need to bring all equipment needed. This sport is dangerous if tourist is not a professional climber, but we recommend tourist who is first time in mountain climbing can go for the easiest level. Socotra has high and ideal mountains to climb and experts have provided services for every level of climbers. All climbers will enjoy the high attitude; we have included details about the level of difficulty and program itinerary also useful information of each one of the summits.

Caves exploring

Socotra had more than 50 caves, while a Belgian Socotra Karst Prject Team has explored and mapped the island’s cave system in previous years. The biggest and definitely worth seeing is Hoq cave which situated in granite massive above Rosh eco-campsite. When walk up to the entrance inside of the cave takes around an hour and it will bring you into a magic world of stalagmites, stalactites, crystal curtains, calcite floors. The cave is more than 3km long with a small lake at the very end. There is a walking path marked with lines and reflecting tags to protect the cave’s stunning creation and to lead tourist safely to the end and back. The temperature is constant throughout the year between 25 and 27 °C with humidity more than 95%.



Camel Riding

Tourist can ride camel which called “the ship of the desert” in Socotra, only when you ride on a camel, and then you will know how the feeling of sail at a steady pace is. Camel rides on Socotra Island are a rewording and fun experience. If you are bothered by limitations of water supply and heavy backpack or luggage restrictions for your trekking in nature, you can hire a camel that will carry your luggage so that you can fully enjoy beautiful landscapes and views. Camels are usually used for carrying things but you can also ride one if interested. On Socotra, camels are used rather than donkeys because of the extent of load they are able to carry and because the terrain is more suitable for them. Camels can be rented just outside Hadibo for a trek from the northern coast to the south. In the southern plain of Noget there are herds of camels which you can also hire for trekking or just for a short romantic ride in the sunset.



Surfing and windsurfing

Due to its location in the Indian Ocean, Socotra is a paradise for surfers with the beginning of windy season when waves get really high. Surfing on Socotra Island only began recently, when professionals and surf lovers realized the excellent condition that this region has to offer, so you will have the chance to enjoy this activity fully without any other people around. The best time to come for this adventure is during the monsoon season from June up to late August. In July the wind speed can reach up to 60 mph and you have to prepare for such conditions. Some of the coasts are rough and steep and the rooks at the bottom of the sea generate not only excellent waves but also require some precautions. The hotspots are the sea port near Hadibo, Erissel, Shauab, Qalansia and Aomak. Here are some main information about general spots and its condition: Hadibo – Erissel – Mahfirhin – Aomak – Di Serbho – Shauab – Qalansia.




Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of Socotra Island. Fresh fish will be caught from the sea and will be barbequed on the camping area. There are some limitations concerning luxury, but you will find a strange satisfaction and happiness and feel that you do not need as much as you thought. You just have to come to feel and see this incomparable landscape yourself and you will never forget those few days of a very special break from every day routine in civilization! There is also new campsite in Aomak beach in Nojed district.


Trekking and hiking

Socotra is the heaven for trekkers, while trekking and hiking is an activity which does not require prior training or physical condition, but there are certain rules that should be adhered to. There are a lot of trekking paths for tourist with all levels of walking experience. For those fascinated by the unexplored regions, Socotra Island offers breathtaking and enthralling trekking routs. In the vast rang mountains of higher and Dixam Plateau there are limitless possibilities for trekking. Skand which is the highest mountain, Dixam and Firmhin regions, occupy the central of the island, with some points of interests for the trekkers.



Swimming and snorkeling

There are many beautiful beaches surround at Socotra with white sand and pebbles. The shores stretch is more than 300km. The longest continuous sandy beach is located on the northern coast at Ghubbah, where the extend which more than 20 lm and provides the main nesting site for Loggerhead Turtles Caretta Caretta. A well-known long sandy beach is located at the southern coast of the island which night boating with an area of magnificent sand dunes. Cobble beaches occur along parts of the Noged Plain on the south coast, on the north coast near Hadibo, Qadheb, Qadama and south of Qalansia and Shauab in the west. Socotra Island do provides snorkeling opportunities. Tourist can enjoy the soothing tranquility of the fascinating paradise as watch multitudes of colorful reef fish glide among dense coral formations sprinkled with giant clams, turtles, sharks and barracudas. Tourist can also swim and lying on beach. Apart from eco-campsites, beaches are without an infrastructure and necessary equipment such as mats and refreshment so it will be brought by tourist own. Snorkeling equipment can be rented in Dihamri eco-campsite.


Fishing and boat safaris

When it comes to fishing, Socotra’s sea is a very rich environment that provides a high concentration of most fish species. Socotra is known as an ideal place for fishing due to its location in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Socotra exports fish to many parts of the world and the majority of the locals on the island are fisherman. Plan a trip to Shauab beach which half day tour to discover the beauty of this remarkable destination with the clear turquoise water and white sand that can snorkel and relax. While drive with boat, dolphins can be seen swimming just next to the boat. Socotra Island will choose the best location for tourist’s fishing trip but depend on the time of the year and expectations.

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