Socotra is an administrative part of the Republic of Yemen; it is an island which situated in the Indian Ocean with tropical climate similar as the shores of Africa. The location and uniqueness makes Socotra a wonderful journey and destination for tourist to seek for unusual feelings and experiences. On the other hand, its pleasant climate enables everyone to enjoy different kind of activities. Tourist can explore the rich biodiversity which cannot be found in anywhere else in the world. Geologists consider that Socotra is “the most isolated piece of land” in the history of Earth.
Caves :
Hoq Cave
Hoq Cave takes about an hour and half to climb from the village to it entrance, is better for tourist to climb with a local guide. The route is not difficult but tiresome. Visitors usually follow it in the full blaze of the sun so kindly remind to bring couple of water bottles. The cave is rather easy to enter but stretches for about 3-4 km along the cliff and relative cool inside. The ground of the cave is water-free and only terraced plots filled with water at the end of it. The pathway inside the cave is marked by reflective tape, so it is impossible to lose your way inside but remembers to take a personal flashlight and it normally takes 45 minutes to reach the end of cave.
Beaches :
Noged is located in the central part of south coast of Socotra. Tourist can reach Noged by asphalt road which pass through Dixam Plateau. Tourist can also visit Stero place to see sand dunes, have to take the chance to walk into the depth of sands.
Dihamri is a must for coral reef, also rich fish colonies that can be found immediately after stepping into the sea. Although there is no sandy beach but rocky shore, tourist will love to swim in the calm and safe bay of Dihamri with a view to the pair of characteristically red rocky outcrops. Tourist who is in good luck will meet two sea turtles that live in Dihamri.
Ditwah Lagoon
It is the most impressive places on the island’s coast, and just next to Qaansiya on the western tp of the island and also one of the most charming places on Socotra. Tourist can enjoy the sandy tongue of Ditwah Bay with turquoise water and strong waves.
This beach is not easy to reach, but the best arrival is on a boat rented from Qalansiya which the place that can spot dolphins. There is also a new road which leads to Shouab but this kind of transport is not so exciting and attractive. It is worth for tourist to stay overnight in Shouab because it is sandy beach and mangroves looks the best in sunset.
Aomak beach is with long sandy on the southern coast. The Indian Ocean might be too rough foe tourist but can indulge the tropical paradise resting in a palm leaf shelter. From Aomak it is not far to magnificent sand dunes in Noged.
This beach is a magic place which tourist can feel like on mountain meadow in the Alps. After pass by a couple of sand dunes, tourist will suddenly end up by a fresh water creek and green grass surrounded. However above tourist head, there will be massive sand dunes to be climb